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The Body Renewal Package

Treat yourself to a full body exfoliation followed with a lush massage. Expect total relaxation and super soft, hydrated polished skin.

1h 30min  | $213

Purifying Back Facial

Indulge with a deep exfoliation back peel or microdermabrasion followed by a clarifying mask to draw out impurities. Extractions if needed. Finish off with a lush massage, you can expect total relaxation and renewed, hydrated, decongested skin.

45min |  $213


Ear Candling


Practiced by ancient Egyptians, ear candling is a safe, simple, natural method to clear excess wax from the ear canal and can clear the sinuses.

45min | $103


60 Minute Pregnancy Massage | $156

60 Minute Massage | $156

90 Minute Massage | $190


Spray Tanning

We only use the most natural-looking spray tan on the market. With a base colour to suit every skin tone, you are guaranteed a gorgeous sun-kissed tan that will look like you have come straight from the Bahamas.

Full Body 20min | $56


A painless and effective way to remove unwanted skin tags, freckles, cherry angiomas (red freckles), seborrheic keratosis and solar lentigo (sun spots) using Cryotherapy.

15-20min | Starts at $79

1-3 spots - $79 4-10 spots - $149

Optional Add-on 7-day Exfoliating Foot Treatment*​

Think of it as a complete foot peel getting rid of dry, built-up skin over the duration of a week. The result- The most silkiest SOFT baby feet! 

5 minutes | $31.95

*Can be an add-on to all treatments OVER 45 minutes including Lash lift and tints.

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