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Make those eyes really pop with one of our Lash + Brow Treatments

Eyebrow Henna 15min | $20.50

Eyebrow Sculpt and Henna 30min | $53.50

Lash Lift and Tint 45min | $108

Eyebrow Sculpt 15min | $33

Eyebrow Sculpt and Tint 30min | $53.50

Eyelash Tint 20min | $40

Eyebrow Tint 15min | $20.50

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint 30min | $52.50

In-between the Brows Only 5min | $12

Brow Lamination - Includes Wax and Colour

45min $108

Brow lamination is used to re design the brow resulting in a brushed up, fluffier, fuller, defined yet natural brow. All the rage, this amazing treatment includes a wax and tint/henna and lasts 4 - 5 weeks

Optional Add-on 7-day Exfoliating Foot Treatment*​

5 minutes | $31.95


Think of it as a complete foot peel getting rid of dry, built-up skin over the duration of a week. The result- The most silkiest SOFT baby feet! 

*Can be an add-on to all treatments OVER 45 minutes including Lash lift and tints.

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